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Protect your users with Citrix Secure Internet Access

With intelligent, cloud-delivered security, Citrix Secure Internet Access enables your users to access applications using direct internet access without compromising on performance. Protect every user, including remote and mobile users, against all threats—with the simplicity and scale of a single solution.

One Cloud-Delivered Security Service to Protect All Web and SaaS Access

Enables effeciency with policy configuration, bandwidth control and real-time reporting from one, cloud-managed interface

Protects users from threats while securing access to both sanctioned and unsanctioned applications from any location and device

Segregates your data based on customers and locations to ensure maximum privacy and security without compromise

Secure direct internet access to web and SaaS applications like O365

Workers are accessing web & SaaS directly from homes & other remote locations. These Direct Internet Access connections must be secured, since these workers are not protected by enterprise firewalls, without slowing performance. SIA protects and enables secure direct internet access to SaaS and web based applications.

Protect mobile and home workers from internet-based threats

 Employees need to be secured everywhere – at home, as they travel etc. When they’re remote or mobile, they’re not protected by enterprise firewalls. Traditional VPNs add latency and lack granular control on security. SIA grants secure access to web and SaaS on any device, any network with centralised security policy control.

Transform traditional networking and security from evolving threats

New threats often emerge faster than enterprise security teams can patch/update traditional security solutions, leaving enterprises vulnerable. These patches/updates also distract from growth-oriented projects. SIA can secure all users against all threats.


How secure is your Citrix environment

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Integrate SIA with your SD-WAN environment


The integration of the new SIA platform with SD-WAN makes it easier for IT teams to deploy a converged security and networking solution from the cloud much faster than separate point solutions. 

Automated “dual resilient” connections connectivity between Citrix SD-WAN locations and Citrix SIA PoPs.

Unified view of infrastructure across SD-WAN locations, SIA PoPs, and connecting tunnels with combined reporting across the networking and security architecture.

Granular control and traffic steering with allocation of bandwidth across SIA, cloud providers, and other WAN links.

Simple security posture for Guest domains in a branch via DNS redirection or IPsec tunnel with a separate tunnel/Local subnet for guest domains and related security group mapping.

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Solution Brief

Securing the Hybrid-Workforce with Comprehensive, Cloud-Delivered Security


Secure Access:

A unified and cloud-delivered zero-trust security solution

Self Assessment

How Secure is your current Citrix environment? Take the assessment to find out

With Citrix Secure Internet Access, you have full control of securing web and SaaS access for a hybrid workforce, with the bonus flexibility and automated scale of a cloud-delivered service. It makes securing a digital workplaces much easier.

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