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Protect your users with Citrix Secure Private Access

What is Citrix Secure Private Access?


Citrix Secure Private Access (SPA) is a VPN-less solution that delivers Zero Trust access with adaptive authentication and SSO to IT sanctioned applications (web, SaaS, client-based, and virtual applications) irrespective of where they are deployed. It provides security controls for managed, unmanaged and BYO endpoints thus giving end users device choice while improving the overall user experience. 

Deliver zero trust access to all apps

Unlike traditional VPN solutions, Citrix Secure Private Access (SPA) provides IT with a set of security controls to protect against threats from a BYO device thus offering users with a choice to access their IT sanctioned applications on any device, regardless of it being managed or BYO.

SPA provides access at the application layer to prevent network-level attacks while enforcing contextual access control policies driven by continuous assessment and verification of the end-user's identity and device posture.


Citrix Secure Private Access is the only solution in the market that helps consolidate SSO to SaaS and VDI applications within the same solution, provide protection of user sessions from malicious content like keylogger and screen capturing malware, and protect endpoints and the network from any malicious content from the Internet, with browser isolation policies. 

Zero Trust Network Access to all IT sanctioned applications

 VPNs are challenging to scale, create privacy concerns, and don’t meet today’s modern security standards. Citrix Secure Private Access provides VPN-less application level access to all private corporate applications whether these applications are web, SaaS, TCP, UDP or VDI and virtual applications, and are deployed on-premises or on any public cloud, and accessed from within or from outside of Citrix Workspace, delivering expected zero trust outcomes.  

Secure Access for managed and unmanaged BYO devices

While devices managed by the organisation can be closely monitored, IT lacks insight into the health of unmanaged devices. This creates risk as devices infected with malware, especially those with keyloggers or screenshot malware, can enable attackers to exfiltrate sensitive corporate data. Citrix Secure Private Access protects sensitive corporate data accessed from both managed and unmanaged devices with app protection policies and browser isolation for SaaS and Web Apps.

Adaptive Authentication, SSO and enhanced security for SaaS applications 

Traditional solutions with the older Castle and Moat approach only focus on authenticating and authorising users at the time of login. Unlike any other ZTNA solution, Citrix Secure Private Access provides capabilities to scan end user device before and after a user session is established. Based on the results of the user location, and the device posture assessment, an admin can define how they want to authenticate and authorize access to their apps. 

By 2024, at least 40% of all remote access usage will be served predominantly by zero trust network access (ZTNA), up from less than 5% at the end of 2020.
Gartner, 2021

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See what you can achieve with Citrix Secure Private Access

Deliver zero trust access to IT sanctioned apps

Protect against threats with a secure hybrid work environment

Securely support BYOD and unmanaged devices

Provide to access IT sanctioned apps - without increasing risks

Secure access to IT sanctioned apps

Enhance security with adaptive authentication and single sign-on (SSO)

Forest Trees

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Citrix SD-WAN delivers a secure reliable network and enables modern workstyles for 800 workers at home, in the office or in the forest.

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