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SASE is simple. It's all the networking and security layers an organisation needs to have in place built into one, concise framework.

SASE, Secure Access Service Edge, pronounced ‘SASSY’, is a framework coined by Gartner in 2019 for building your organisation’s Network & Security services. You can go to Cloud now or in the future and you’ll need SD-WAN to move traffic to the right place and simplify the journey. 

What is SASE?

At a fundamental level, SASE is a framework, and with any framework, it’s just a guide or a template for building out a networking and security stack. SASE is comprised of the networking and security layers an organisation needs to have in place, it’s just moving everything towards Cloud and SaaS. 


Taking it at it's most basic form, SASE is a framework with a network layer at the bottom and a security layer sitting on top. Technology has moved from on-premise solutions towards Cloud, and the network has evolved from physical to virtual. These developments have made it harder to balance the user experience with security - which is where SASE comes in. 

SD-WAN operates as the foundation of SASE and works as part of the networking layer, sitting under and enabling a security layer. The Security layer contains the necessary components of a security envelope to protect the enterprise, Firewall, SWG, CASB, DLP, Remote Access, etc. All the tools you need to protect your organisation. 

Networking Layer (1).png

SASE - Where to start?

What is SASE? Is it Networking or Security? Why do I need it? Haven't I already got it? 

Sound familiar? Take a look at this blog post where we delve into what SASE is, how it's comprised and what it means for your organisation. 


Our Approach to SASE

At Edge7 Networks, we believe the best approach to SASE is to first take a good look at your own environment and requirements, then build a strategy for migrating on-prem functions to SaaS over time, aligning to licence/hardware refreshes and addressing any high risks first. SD-WAN is a prerequisite for moving forward and will bring many other benefits in terms of availability, performance and UX. 

We work with Citrix, Aruba, Silver Peak, Checkpoint and Palo Alto to build SASE solutions and roadmaps for our customers. We always begin with an assessment of the customer environment and identify core security requirements. From there, we build out short, medium and long term building blocks to enhance the security landscape in a measured and practical manner. Moving to SASE is easy when it’s an evolution of the current environment. 

Here at Edge7 Networks, we specialise in SD-WAN. We work with some of the best security vendors, and we’ve been supporting and designing enterprise networking solutions and firewall deployments for years, so we know our security stack. In reality, it’s hard to separate security from networking so SASE makes perfect sense to us.   


Getting Started with SASE

Edge7 Networks are experts in SD-WAN since 2016 so we’ve got a great head start in helping enterprises build out their SASE frameworks. Get in touch if you would like some fair and pragmatic assistance on the journey. 

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