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Edge7 Networks are different

We created Edge7 Networks to disrupt the traditional model of physical connectivity, legacy MPLS and private datacentres.

Edge7 Networks offer cost-effective, agile, application-aware, user first and software defined solutions that commoditise traditional connectivity and physical infrastructure.

Our competitors are large global and national Telcos and Carriers as we provide improved connectivity solutions at a much-reduced cost.


We work with the best providers and focus on delivering what’s best for the customer rather than focusing on generating a return on legacy investments. We help our customer leverage the internet securely to access SaaS and corporate services while optimising on-premise and hybrid applications.

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About us

Edge7 Networks is an SD-WAN leader in the Data Networking and Enterprise Security space. We supply services, equipment and managed services to our customers around the globe. As recognised experts in SD-WAN with unrivalled experience, we work with large enterprises to deploy connectivity, SD-WAN and Managed Services. In response to customer demand as a trusted partner, we also specialise in Security and LAN/WiFi services.

We focus on 4 key technologies and work with only the best of breed vendor in each sector to guarantee we have the detailed expertise and focused vendor support to deliver high quality tailored solutions to our customers. We also work with a range of providers to supply connectivity to customers at the best possible price.

Who we work with

Our customers see us as being different, in our approach to technology solutions and in our service levels and delivery. We put the end user first and engineer solutions from the user up. This is recognised and appreciated.

We remain a family focused caring organisation that puts our people first. We work best with companies who make a difference and have a mission that benefits humanity as a whole. Edge7 Networks have joined the ‘Techies go Green’ initiative and have committed to achieving carbon neutrality for our customer based solutions and our core business.

Global Network and Security Experts

Our approach is simple: your network, is our network. We know how it feels to be in your shoes and have faced the challenges you’re facing right now with your infrastructure. Allow us to support you on your journey with solutions that are great for both the office and home.

Gartner Approved SD-WAN Leaders

We’re specialists in SD-WAN technology. We accredited partners with Gartner recognised, leading vendors for WAN Edge Infrastructure. 

Passionate About What We Do

We are hugely passionate about how SD-WAN and Edge7 Networks can help enterprises see the benefits of networking technology from day one.

A Partnership with Edge7 Networks

At Edge7 Networks we take a personalised approach to solve your network issues. We have ready-made and bespoke solutions available to fit every need.

Our Managed Service offerings give customers a trusted partner proactively managing their network, working for them 24 x7.

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What we do

We specialise in SD-WAN and have extensive deployment experience with global and national organisations across a variety of vendors to give you the best option for you.

Edge7 Networks offer an extensive range of security solutions and services that ensure your users are safe regardless of how, or where they work.

As leading Networking experts, we provide advanced networking solutions, managed services and tailor made connectivity options to customers.

Edge7 Networks offer a bespoke managed service built around the customer and their unique requirements that maximises results for users and organisations.

Managed Services




‘SD-WAN is the most exciting technology I have experienced in over 20 years in Global IT.


Having seen the benefits first-hand, I’m hugely passionate about how Edge7 Networks can help enterprises realise the benefits of SD-WAN. Now, with the advent of SASE, SD-WAN is fusing with security services to deliver end to end solutions that create a safe, secure and highly performant application focused network for users.


There has never been a better time as Infrastructure teams are faced with the challenge of rapidly migrating services to the cloud, securing the enterprise, meeting the demands of always-on IT and providing reliable and cost-effective access to network services and applications. Helping customers to do this is incredibly rewarding for our team.’ 

Ronan Murray, Director

Our Technology Partners

We focus on a couple of key technology areas and work with only the best of breed vendor in each sector to guarantee we have the detailed expertise and focused vendor support to deliver high quality tailored solutions to our customers. We also work with a range of providers to supply connectivity to customers at the best possible price.

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Meet the Founders


Ronan Murray

Having spent much of his career building global infrastructure for Multinationals, Ronan founded Edge7 Networks in 2018 after experiencing first-hand the ability of SD-WAN to transform enterprise networks. 


Prior the this, Ronan held senior roles in Infrastructure Management, Security, Compliance, Project & Program Management for IBM, JP Morgan and LeasePlan. This experience helped shape Edge7 Networks’ mission to deliver high quality solutions to customers and offer managed services that reduce friction and simplify the IT Management landscape.

Ronan is a recognised industry expert and speaker on SD-WAN, Virtualisation, networking and standardising complex global environments. He has spoken at a number of conferences in EMEA and the US on virtualisation, global infrastructure, security and especially SD-WAN.


Rory Higgins

Technical Director for Edge7 Networks with responsibility for the technical teams, SOC and NOC services. With an enterprise background managing global technical teams, Rory is focused on efficiency, automation and excellence in everything Edge7 Networks deliver. 


Previous experience includes Global Network Manager for LeasePlan managing LAN, WAN & Datacentres worldwide and Technical Program Manager for Global WAN deployments. Core expertise in ADC and Firewall environments.

Rory has been an advocate and specialist on SD-WAN since deploying SD-WAN initially for LeasePlan globally in 2015. Since co-founding Edge7 Networks, Rory has built a team of experts who understand and deliver complex Network and SD-WAN solutions better than anyone. 

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