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Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Combine next-generation endpoint security with our Security Operations Centre (SOC) to ensure full detection, protection and response against cyber threats 24/7/365

How we keep your business secure

Keeping pace with the daily grind of monitoring your environments for attacks-in-motion can burnout the best of staff. As the alerts build and response is stretched thin, the protection you rely upon becomes vulnerable to failure—and the standing of your relationship at risk. The Edge7 Networks SOC is here to help! Working as an extension of your team, our certified security analysts, cutting-edge threat intelligence, and latest solutions will manage all your security monitoring, 24/7. 

24/7/365 threat monitoring and response

Cybercriminals don’t work normal hours. Attacks can hit at any time, and the Edge7 Networks SOC is ready when the time comes. We’re continuously monitoring, detecting, and remediating threats to keep your business secure.

Fully staffed team of security experts

The Edge7 Networks SOC team includes certified security techs, including security analysts, incident response analysts, security researchers, and threat hunters. Our team are always learning and up-skilling to ensure they are protecting your business with the highest level of skill and knowledge. 

Cutting-edge security intelligence

We combine security detection and protection technology from leading industry vendors to feed our SOC with real-time data and alerts. With AI powered insights and a dedicated 24/7 team, threats are acted upon immediately and remediated before damage has been done. 

Minimised Threat Impact

Improve proactive threat response and reduce threat actor dwell time within your system by outsourcing your threat detection to our SOC service. Leverage your network of third-party tools to minimise coverage gaps in a layered cybersecurity presence and achieve airtight cybersecurity. 

Complete your Endpoint Security with a Managed EDR Service 

We understand that cybersecurity is not always a one-click change for most organisations. In fact, we find most of our customers work with us over an extended period of time on a roadmap towards a Zero Trust environment.


That's why we offer a variety of packages within our security services to suit whatever level your business is at with the end goal in mind. Leverage our 24/7 SOC alongside our EDR offering to achieve fully managed detection & response threat protection.


What to expect when working with the Edge7 Networks SOC

What truly sets the Edge7 Networks SOC apart is how we integrate into your business. When we say we’re an extension of your team, we mean it. We work side-by-side with you and your team to keep your business protected.

Immediate Response 
When we find an issue, we start working on it immediately. We will verify the threat, take the machine offline to contain it, and if needed, roll it back to a secure state. When a high-priority issue pops up, we will reach out to determine the right plan of action together. 

Extension of your team
As your security partner, Edge7 Networks works behind the scenes to make sure your business is always secure. We will keep you informed of everything we see so you can stay in the loop with your cybersecurity landscape. You can trust that our team with always protect and monitor your key data as our own. 

Full transparency and insight 
Trusting a third party to oversee and manage your cybersecurity can be daunting. Our team will ensure full transparency into how we monitor, manage and look after your data as we become part of your IT department. Reports and dashboard will be easily available for your team to stay informed.

Our SOC is highly decorated with the latest certifications to deliver the most up-to-date cybersecurity services.

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See how Edge7 Networks SOC leverages advanced threat detection technology

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