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Managed Security & SOC Services

Continuous, around-the-clock security monitoring. Edge7 Networks' SOC monitors the entire extended IT infrastructure – applications, servers, system software, computing devices, cloud workloads, the network - 24/7/365 for signs of known exploits and for any suspicious activity.

Managed Security Services give you the 24x7x365 cyber security expertise you need, without the cost and complexity of having to provision and manage it in-house.

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Benefits of a Managed SOC

A SOC uses next-generation technology to monitor sprawling endpoints across a network, collect and review the increasing volume of logs and stops hackers from moving laterally through the network.

Quick Incident Remediation 

Continuous monitoring and threat detection means that any incidents detected are immediately dealt with and responded to by notification of the SOC team giving your business quickest possible remediation for found issues.  

Maintain Compliance

Key SOC monitoring capabilities are integral to enterprise compliance, especially following regulations that require particular security monitoring functions and mechanisms, such as GDPR and CCPA.

Proactive, ongoing threat scanning

Threat detection, scanning and monitoring ensure that your business is being proactively secured by our team of security experts 24x7x365. Without a dedicated SOC team, often threat incidents go unnoticed until they cause a breach or large scale disruption, which is too late. Our team work to protect on a proactive basis. 

Decreased cost of breaches

By minimising the amount of time a cyber attacker lurks in an enterprise's network, the SOC team can reduce the effect of a breach and, therefore, the potential costs the breach may incur via data loss, lawsuits or business reputation damage.

Improved incident response times

The usual time it takes to identify and contain a breach is 280 days. With help from our SOC team, your business will be immediately notified upon incident detection, with teams instigating a response plan to improve both speed of detection, investigation and response time. 

Constant monitoring & protection

Security operations centres run 24/7 year-round. This uninterrupted monitoring is critical to detecting the first signs of anomalous activity. Attacks don't only occur Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. We monitor for potential vulnerabilities around the clock to catch threats at all hours.

Continuous behavioural monitoring

As Zero Trust becomes the base line for cybersecurity, behavioural monitoring is essential to aligning business IT to a 'never trust, always verify' framework. Continuous behavioural monitoring ensures that any out of the box incidents or behaviours are picked up and monitored by the SOC.

Greater transparency & control over security operations

Log management, risk assessment, threat detection reports and asset management means your IT department have greater transparency and control over all security operations without the burden of overseeing it. 

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