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XDR Complete Cybersecurity Solution
Managed SOC & SIEM Service

Deliver greater Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) with stronger layers of defence powered by our 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre (SOC)

As a managed service, it’s an extension of your IT Team to deliver detection and validation of cyber-attacks, SIEM platform management, custom use-cases, dashboards, compliance reporting and 24/7 coverage.

How XDR protects your business

Threat detection requires visibility and understanding of the massive sets of log data your environments generate. What’s normal? What’s anomalous and in need of investigation? For security teams, finding needles in the haystack requires easy and automated log ingestion and analysis for detection of threats—backed by 24/7 SOC experts.

Edge7 Networks XDR provides you with a complete cybersecurity solution without the huge cost and complexity of purchasing and deploying your own security technologies. Our SOC utilise SIEM technology to proactively identify threats and respond to incidents in real-time with behavioural data and logs. 

24/7/365 Protection

Round the clock security protection and remediation.

Cost effective

24/7 coverage for a fraction of the cost of an in-house effort.

Improved threat detection

Exclusive threat intelligence that improves threat detection.

Scalable and Flexible

Customisation of SIEM rules to meet your business needs.

Complete your Cyber Security with a Managed SOC & SIEM Service

We understand that cybersecurity is not always a one-click change for most organisations. In fact, we find most of our customers work with us over an extended period of time on a roadmap towards a Zero Trust environment.


That's why we offer a variety of packages within our security services to suit whatever level your business is at with the end goal in mind. Leverage our 24/7 SOC alongside our EDR  & MDR offerings to achieve complete cyber security protection. 


Top 3 reasons to investigate an XDR service

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements
From HIPAA to FINRA and PCI-DSS to CMMC, organisations can have a wide range of compliance and regulatory needs. Our SIEM enables you to meet them with flexible log capture, retention, and review features.

Product Sprawl and Alert Overload 
Most businesses have data coming from multiple data sources and get flooded by alerts. A SIEM helps aggregate the data, filtering out the noise and reduces the onus on your team to catch high priority incidents in a sea of alerts.

Need for added protection
Relying on prevention alone is insufficient and can’t stop all threats. Our SIEM solution adds an extra layer of defence to catch the threats that could crush your organisation, or your customer data. You’ll get complete visibility and multi-source data analytics to detect events when prevention fails.

Our SOC is highly decorated with the latest certifications to deliver the most up-to-date cybersecurity services.

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Explore Other Edge7 Networks Security Offerings

Endpoint Detection & Response
Ensure your users are secure from any locations with our endpoint detection solution protecting against malware, ransomware and emerging threat actors. 


SIEM Services
Elevate your cybersecurity protection with our Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) service offering stronger layers of defence powered by our SOC.

See how Edge7 Networks SOC leverages advanced threat detection technology

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