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Network Challenges in the Legal Sector

The legal profession is a vital cog in the wheel, not just of industry and commerce, but of every day life. Given the UK’s rich history in global commerce, it’s no surprise that the legal sector represents 1.6% of GDP. The UK legal sector employs 350,000 people and includes a large number of global household names.

From a technology perspective, it’s encouraging to see how IT and digital transformation is a key priority for almost every law firm. IT is increasingly perceived as a key strength and 100% of the top 10 firms identified technology as the key challenge to growth.*

Interestingly, while AI, Automation and Data Management are all high priorities, it’s Client Collaboration and Mobile Applications that are leading the adoption curve.

If there is one factor that determines the underlying success of all these initiatives and end user experience, it’s the firm’s Network Infrastructure.

Demand for high performing applications, video conferencing, collaboration tools and instant access to data is rapidly increasing while user (and client) tolerance to delays and performance issues is reducing just as quickly. After all, billable hours are key. The legal profession is also rapidly adopting cloud services to store, organise and analyse data as well as ensuring the tools to secure it.

All this means the Network of yesterday is no longer suitable for the requirements of today. We need more capacity, better performance, higher levels of availability, zero tolerance to network outages and efficient secure access to hybrid on-prem and cloud services. The firms we talk to have a common challenge; their network no longer meets the requirements of today’s firm and their network provider is not interested in or able to deliver the improvements required, they are no longer a trusted partner to the IT teams.

We are different. Edge7 Networks helps firms in the legal sector to ensure their networks delivers on all these requirements through the deployment of Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN).

SD-WAN is an established solution for modern networking. It optimises application performance by intelligently and securely moving traffic over multiple links simultaneously (utilising unused backup circuits, commodity broadband or even 4G) creating additional bandwidth and prioritising applications. We recommend Citrix SD-WAN which automatically optimises over 4,000 applications out of the box ensuring the best possible user experience. In an industry where security, performance and speed is critical, SD-WAN gives firms the solid foundations and competitive edge to ensure technology is an enabler to growth and efficiencies.

Edge7 Networks are specialists in SD-WAN. We provide design, deployment and fully managed services in SD-WAN and Networking technologies to enable firms to focus on delivering technical excellence building value for their clients. We’ve a proven track record of delivering the benefits of SD-WAN to the legal sector.

SD-WAN. Edge7 Networks. Case Closed!


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