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Introducing...the newest addition to our Edge Security Services

We are delighted to finally announce the latest service offerings the Edge7 Networks team have been working hard to add to our security portfolio. Edge7 Networks was founded around the emerging SD-WAN technology with the goal of disrupting the traditional model of physical connectivity, legacy MPLS and private data centres. As a result, we became experts in network connectivity and WAN optimisation, further expanding our portfolio to include WAN/LAN services. Wrapping those with Managed Services, we are able to offer end to end WAN optimisation and transformation to businesses.

For us, security has always gone hand in hand with networking. Beginning with firewalls and secure SD-WAN solutions, both Edge7 Networks and the security landscape have matured extensively. From SASE to SSE and Zero Trust, cybersecurity is at its peak in the market, and the world, now more than ever. We have been building towards this edge to edge security stack since beginning Edge7 Networks.

The security landscape has also changed. What was once a top-tier security solution is no longer sufficient against today’s evolving threat landscape. Threats are more advanced, widespread and more common. Back in the early 2010s, cyber security was not a clear C-suite priority, whether due to a lack of understanding of the complexities involved or a complacent belief that 'it wouldn't happen to us'. But as the threats have evolved, so have boardroom attitudes. The pandemic has also pushed IT into a key place for many businesses as hybrid working became a preference for many users. This reliance on IT means there is a bigger threat to businesses from a security standpoint as security perimeters are more dispersed, the environment became more complex with more moving parts to secure, as well as the risk to business operations should an attack be successful becomes heightened.

Over the past few years, we have been adding to our security portfolio from our partnerships with Palo Alto and the Citrix Secure Access suite of products. These solutions remain key to our security stack as they offer customers secure solutions to networking with our SASE and SD-WAN offerings; web application security and firewalls; securing Internet activity and granular filtering solutions with SIA; as well as offering secure remote access and a better alternative to VPNs from SPA. We work with these products to stop threat agents and malware from entering your environment.

The final piece of the puzzle for us to add was around endpoint protection. With the security perimeter being more distributed, a traditional castle-and-moat security approach has become obsolete. Users are no longer location based which means businesses need to create secure policies based on a Zero Trust principle that looks at identity access management and permissions. Leveraging current infrastructure, we are in a unique position to help you secure your environment from edge to edge – starting with our Endpoint Detection & Response solutions.

With that being said.... We are delighted to finally introduce the latest additions to our Security Services!

Cybersecurity companies use a variety of tools and techniques to keep clients safe from the never-ending influx of cyber-attacks. One of the most important aspects of cybersecurity comes in the form of threat detection, which is when cybersecurity companies get notifications of potential threats that can harm in terms of their sensitive data and servers. As this is the most crucial stage when it comes to stopping online threats, you need to have an effective way to stop the threats at the source, and the best way to do this is through a service called Managed Detection Response (MDR).

Managed detection response is a service that helps companies that are lacking in resources protect themselves against online threats by improving their ability to detect and respond to real-time dangers.

We have designed three tiers to offer under our Managed Detection Response Service:

  1. Silver – Endpoint Detection & Response

  2. Gold – Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

  3. Platinum – Extended Detection & Response

Silver: Endpoint Detection & Response

EDR, or Endpoint Detection and Response, is a modern replacement for Antivirus security suites. For decades, organisations and businesses have invested in Antivirus suites in the hope of solving the challenges of enterprise security. But as the sophistication and prevalence of malware threats has grown over the last ten years, so the shortcomings of what is now referred to as “legacy” Antivirus have become all too apparent.

Threat actors have long moved beyond Antivirus and Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) and organisations need to consider that such products are no match for the threats that are active today. Even a cursory look at the headlines shows how large, unprepared businesses are being caught out by modern attacks like ransomware even though they have invested in security controls. The onus is on us, as defenders, to ensure that our security software is not only fit for yesterday’s attacks, but todays and tomorrow’s.

While the focus of all AV solutions is on the (potentially malicious) files that are being introduced to the system, an EDR, in contrast, focuses on collecting data from the endpoint and examining that data for malicious or anomalous patterns in real time. As the name implies, the idea of an EDR system is to detect an infection and initiate a response. The faster an EDR can do this without human intervention, the more effective it will be.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platforms are cyber security systems that combine elements of next-gen antivirus with additional tools to provide real-time anomaly detection and alerting, forensic analysis and endpoint remediation capabilities.

Our Silver tier will give your IT team access to SentinelOne’s industry leading EDR agent and platform. SentinelOne is a unified, purpose-built platform that supports all Windows versions and back to XP, more than ten flavours of Linux, and Apple macOS.

Gold: Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

While small and mid-market organisations are increasingly turning to EDR technology for more advanced endpoint protection, many lack the resources to maximise the benefits of the technology. Utilising advanced EDR features such as forensic analysis, behavioural monitoring and artificial intelligence (AI) is labour and resource-intensive, requiring the attention of dedicated security professionals.

A managed endpoint security service combines the latest technology, an around-the-clock team of certified SOC experts and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence for a cost-effective monthly subscription. Managed services can help reduce the day-to-day burden of monitoring and responding to alerts, enhance security orchestration and automation and improve threat hunting and incident response.

Our expert team of SOC analysts and engineers possess a deep understanding of attacker tradecraft and utilise this knowledge alongside the latest EDR technology to hunt for, detect and respond to attacks, 24/7.

The second tier offers a Managed Service wrapped around Endpoint Detection and Response service.

Platinum: Extended Detection and Response

Building from silver to platinum, our third-tier service is the most extensive of the three offering businesses complete protection, detection and response services. Often referred to as XDR (Extended Detection Response), this tier combines Endpoint Detection across all desktops and servers, integrating SIEM technology to report on all aspects of an environment managed by our 24/7/365 SOC.

XDR unifies and extends detection and response capability across multiple security layers, providing security teams with centralised end-to-end enterprise visibility, powerful analytics, automated response across the complete technology stack.

For enhanced cloud security and wider threat visibility, we can also include network security monitoring as part of the service. One of the key benefits of Edge7 Networks security services is our unique ability to combine and manage multiple services into one. For example, having an Edge7 Networks WAN/LAN Managed Service on top of a Managed Security Service gives us extended ability to help protect your business. Once an alert is discovered for an endpoint and a threat is detected, we can disconnect that device from the network to isolate the threat immediately. Similarly, we can isolate sites from the overall network to ensure threats are not able to spread laterally within your network. This can also be done with our firewalls, Citrix Secure Access Suite, and SD-WAN services.

Stay tuned for updates on our latest security services over the coming weeks as we release a series of blogs detailing the services in more detail, as well as consultation clinics ahead of 2023. In the meantime, take a look at our website pages on EDR, MDR, and XDR; or get in touch with the team to learn more here.


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