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Transform how you utilise your network in 2023

Enjoying your coffee? Learn more about what we can do to redefine your organisation's network while you sip. 

Edge to Edge Security

Flexibility & Scalability


Network Management

Your network should empower your business, not slow it down. 

There is nothing more frustrating than a poorly performing network. Users complaining about laggy voice and video calls, Office365 apps taking too long to open and update, delays in pulling up simple documents.


Poor networks effect the IT team too. Home-working challenges, legacy limitations, and tight budgets can leave your team trapped in endless troubleshooting, with no time to work on strategic projects.

Is it down to you to ensure that the network users need access to is running at its very best? Do you need to prioritise security without compromising user experience? 

We can help with that. 


Create a network that delivers for a new way of working.

Eliminate network complexity and overcome traditional network limitations in areas of operations, management and security - all with no rip and replace. We help organisations deliver an intelligence, automated network with the flexibility and security you demand without compromising user experience, all from a single point of control. 




Easily Managed


Protect your network...and your budget

With wide adoption of the hybrid workplace, companies need to modernise and extend their networks while reducing risk. But can they afford to do so?

In this report, The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. (ESG) found that when organisations adopt a modern network solution underpinned by Aruba technology, they can expect to save 56% over a three-year period— a saving of over €6.2M.

ESG Report
Built for IT, by IT


Operations Centre

Network Operations Centre

Managed Service Providers

Before starting Edge7 Networks co-founders Ronan & Rory were the Global Infrastructure and Network Managers for a Global Multinational, responsible for solving network issues and keeping the lights on 24x7. 

We've been there, and that’s why we can say with 100% certainty that we work with the market leaders when it comes to solving your problems.

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Do you want to modernise, optimise and transform the way your organisation uses your network? We can help. Edge7 Networks was founded with the goal of disrupting traditional methods of network connectivity. There's a better, more secure, automated answer to your current challenges. Let's talk about them. 

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