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Technical Workshop & Lunch

October 4th | Brooks Hotel, Dublin | 12pm

Is your Network Operator Centric?

In the era of prioritising high-quality end-user experiences, the role of the Network Team cannot be underestimated. They serve as the crucial link ensuring that networks deliver exceptional end-user satisfaction.

However, this responsibility comes with challenges:

  • Siloed tools causing complex and fragmented operations

  • Ever-growing volume and variety of sources 

  • Cybersecurity threats with IoT adoption and limited visibility

Your Network team need a user experience that not only maximises IT productivity but also streamlines operations - data that's actionable with visibility & insights from one console


AI-powered and operator-centric unified platform, designed with a deep understanding of network operator needs and goals, register now to learn about the HPE Aruba Networks technologies we trust to empower Network Teams.

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Elevate Your Network Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT, delivering exceptional end-user experiences is not just a goal; it's a necessity. The network stands at the heart of this mission, serving as a business-critical resource for CIOs and IT leaders across industries.

But here's the real story:

The Unsung Heroes: In the world of IT, it's the Network Team that bridges the gap, ensuring that the network can consistently deliver exceptional end-user experiences.

Data Complexity: With an ever-expanding array of data sources, navigating data complexity and inconsistencies is a daily struggle. It often relies on the expertise of the user to extract actionable insights from this vast sea of information.

Tool Overload: The independent management of wired, wireless, and WAN with separate tools has led to operational complexity and fragmentation. The result? Increased susceptibility to human errors and oversights.

The Ongoing Cybersecurity Battle: With the rapid adoption of IoT devices and limited visibility into endpoints, the looming threat of cybersecurity risks is a constant concern.

At Edge7 Networks, we understand these challenges intimately because we are part of the Networking Team too. That's why we are proud partners of Aruba Networks, a company that has made it their mission to elevate the network operator's experience. 

Join us for this exclusive event where we'll unveil the future of network management. It's your opportunity to explore a modern, intuitive, operator-centric platform unified across wired, wireless, WAN, and IoT—all powered by the incredible potential of AI.

Responsible for end-user experience? 

If you deal with your company's network -
you don't want to miss this event. 

What will we cover in the workshop?

  • Improving network operations by leveraging AI to improve root cause analysis and event management 

  • Using machine learning to automate device profiling

  • Automation for network security: how to quarantine rogue devices and reduce threat levels on your network 

  • Reducing your risk exposure: how to adopt micro-segmentation on the campus and data centre networks 

  • New approaches for remote access solutions with cloud-based orchestration using SDWAN/SASE       

  • Improving end-user experience with independent analytics for any app and network

    .....And more! 

Don't Miss Out!
ACNT Certification Spaces

As a special bonus, a few lucky attendees will have the chance to secure an Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT) training and certification course – an online workshop & certification exam. 

Enable one of your team to become a trusted network technician with this easy and affordable entry point to the world of networking.


Our Experts

Join HPE Aruba Networks Solution Architect Daithí de Faoite and Edge7 Networks on the day. 


As a solution architect on the HPE Aruba team, Daithí delivers better business outcomes for businesses across Ireland. His specialist areas of technology include LAN/WAN design, SDWAN, Wireless LAN and Mobility Engagement, Security and Network Management/Analytics.

Co-Founder of Edge7 Networks, Ronan spent much of his career building global infrastructure for multinationals experiencing first-hand the ability of SD-WAN to transform enterprise networks. Ronan works closely with customers to transform their connectivity and empower businesses.


Technical Director & Co-Founder of Edge7 Networks with responsibility for the technical teams, SOC and NOC services. Rory has an enterprise background managing global technical teams, focused on efficiency, automation and excellence in everything Edge7 Networks deliver. 

Built for IT, by IT


Operations Centre

Network Operations Centre

Managed Service


Before starting Edge7 Networks co-founders Ronan & Rory were the Global Infrastructure and Network Managers for a Global Multinational, responsible for solving network issues and keeping the lights on 24x7. 

We've been there, and that’s why we can say with 100% certainty that we work with the market leaders when it comes to solving your problems.

Trusted by Industry Leaders
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