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Upgrade Your Business Connectivity: Why Migrating from Broadband to SD-WAN is the Way to Go

As businesses continue to grow, so does their dependence on reliable network connectivity. One of the most common network solutions for businesses has been broadband internet. While it may seem like a simple and affordable option, it may not be the best choice for businesses that require high-quality, secure, and reliable network connectivity. This is where SD-WAN solutions come in.

SD-WAN, or Software-Defined Wide Area Networking, is an advanced network solution that provides centralised management, increased security, and improved performance. With SD-WAN, businesses can experience better network connectivity, which ultimately leads to higher productivity and better business results. So why should businesses migrate from broadband to an SD-WAN solution?

Firstly, SD-WAN solutions offer centralised management, which makes it easier for businesses to manage their network infrastructure. SD-WAN allows businesses to centrally manage their network infrastructure through a user-friendly graphical interface. This means that businesses can easily view and manage their entire network from a single dashboard. With this kind of visibility, businesses can quickly identify and resolve network issues, which results in less downtime and improved business operations.

Secondly, SD-WAN provides increased security. Broadband internet connections are often shared, and as such, they can be prone to security threats. With SD-WAN, businesses can benefit from a dedicated and secure network infrastructure that provides end-to-end encryption and secure remote access. With SD-WAN, businesses can easily integrate security policies across their network, ensuring that all their data is safe and secure.

Thirdly, SD-WAN provides improved performance. With Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN, businesses can benefit from increased bandwidth and optimised traffic flow. This means that businesses can experience faster network speeds, fewer network delays, and improved application performance. With SD-WAN, businesses can also benefit from better application visibility, which means they can quickly identify and prioritise critical applications, which results in better network performance.

Another reason why businesses should migrate from broadband to SD-WAN is that they are cost-effective. While broadband internet connections may seem affordable, they can come with hidden costs, such as maintenance and downtime. With an SD-WAN solution, businesses can benefit from a reliable and scalable network infrastructure that requires minimal maintenance. This means that businesses can save money on network maintenance and reduce downtime, which ultimately leads to improved business operations and better business results.

Use Case: Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, guest satisfaction is everything. A survey by Hospitality Technology showed that 89% of guests would avoid booking a hotel again if they experienced slow or poor Wi-Fi during their stay.* With SD-WAN, hotels can provide reliable and consistent high-speed internet access to guests across multiple locations, from the lobby to the guest rooms. This means that guests can easily stream content, access work-related applications, and communicate with loved ones without any disruptions.

SD-WAN enables hotel IT teams to remotely manage and monitor the network, ensuring quick responses to any issues and minimising downtime. With SD-WAN, hotels can also benefit from optimised traffic routing and increased security, ensuring that guest data is protected and traffic is efficiently routed to the appropriate applications and services. By providing a superior guest experience, hotels can increase customer loyalty and drive revenue growth.

In conclusion, migrating from broadband to SD-WAN can bring significant benefits to businesses. With centralised management, increased security, improved performance, and cost-effectiveness, businesses can experience better network connectivity, which ultimately leads to higher productivity and better business results.

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