How to choose between VPN and ZTNA for secure hybrid work

Hybrid work is the new norm, so it’s essential you equip remote workers with secure access to the tools they need to be productive. Learn the pros and cons of VPN and ZTNA for secure hybrid work.

In a Q4 survey of 400 IT and security leaders across the world, all 400 said they planned to adopt a hybrid working model for the foreseeable future. Hybrid work has gone from a novelty to the norm. But as we approach the two year mark of Covid-19 forcing global organisations to adapt to remote work, we must implement long term security solutions for our distributed workforces. This means protecting your hybrid employees while giving them access to the tools and data they need to do their best work from any device or location.

Secure access solutions have become essential to protect your organisation from the top threats of ransomware and insider attacks. But is your current secure access solution actually stopping th