Extend the WAN to Remote Workers with EdgeConnect Microbranch

Aruba recently announced the extension of their popular remote access point (RAP) technology to provide greater reliability, performance, and security for home and small office users with the EdgeConnect Microbranch solution. To better support remote work, EdgeConnect Microbranch offers a new suite of SD-WAN capabilities that intelligently directs traffic across the WAN and directly to trusted SaaS/IaaS providers—using cloud-based Aruba Central and any Aruba AP.

The Evolution of Networks to Support Home/Small Offices

In the shift to remote work, IT teams have gone from managing dozens or hundreds of remote locations or to thousands or tens of thousands of microbranches. They’re tasked with ensuring a secure and reliable experience for a highly distributed workforce that is accessing data centre and cloud-based applications over consumer broadband and cellular connections—which fall largely outside IT’s control and visibility.