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Citrix ADC supports double the traffic for customer with 13 million online members

Rapid growth places tremendous strain on the IT team. Site performance, application delivery, and IT efficiency are critical issues as the business seeks to capitalise on its leadership position. As this customer site competes with physical and online retailers, and the imminent arrival of international competitors, any lag in the performance can impact corporate reputation and business bottom line.

Load balancing with unmatched security

Having trouble with their F5 Web Application Firewall, this customer's IT Network & Security Manager worried about security levels being far from where they should have been. Load balancing was not efficient, and there were concerns around ongoing support and renewal costs for the business moving forward. They needed to upgrade and felt it was the time to explore alternative options.

With a timeline in place ahead of a major sales event each year, a Black Friday equivalent held on November 11. The customer wanted to be ready for immense traffic with the event typically being so successful it can attract up to four times the average site visits.

Load balancing with unmatched security

This organisation began with a proof of concept with Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler ADC), focusing on the load balancing capabilities. Citrix ADC simplifies management for the IT team as

  • firmware could be easily updated

  • unused policies quickly identified and removed

  • troubleshooting and configurations were be managed centrally

Citrix ADC proved ideally suited to a business in their position. With traffic volumes consistently increasing and applications becoming more complex, Citrix ADC offered performance and scale.

Performance to meet rapid growth

The Citrix ADC solution was fully tested and operational well ahead of the November 11 event. The day itself surpassed all previous records, with 140,000 concurrent users on the site, compared to a 2017 average of 30,000.

Site performance was maintained throughout. In e-commerce, an acceptable page loading time is less than two seconds. The faster the page loads, the higher your sales conversions,. Citrix ADC eliminated any previous technical issues the organisation was having, and ensured optimum experience to users.

This customer in particular was anticipating 15 to 20 percent growth for the following year, and a Citrix ADC solution worked with that goal as it had the capability to grow as they did. When the time came to expand, it was easy to upgrade the firmware. And the modular aspect of Citrix ADC means they could add new features as required.

Maximising IT efficiency

Ease-of-use is a recurring theme when it comes to adopting IT solutions. Rapid growth requires technical teams to maximise its resources, and simplifying IT tasks is a priority.

With Citrix ADC, an IT team can troubleshoot issues themselves on the Citrix command line interface very easily. Plus, the Citrix Application Delivery Management (formerly Citrix Management and Analytics System) is straightforward. It’s easy to create your own signatures or edit existing signatures, and identify unused policies to simplify configuration.

Citrix ADM also offers built-in analytics reports which many of our existing and new customers find very useful. All of this serves to save time and allow IT teams to focus on more value-add projects.

Get in touch to learn more about Citrix ADC from the Edge7 Networks ADC team.

We have found that many customers don’t know the actual capacity of their Citrix ADC or Gateway being used. Would you be interested in us providing you with a quick no cost assessment of your ADC or Gateway capacity to ensure it aligns with your needs?


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