Zscaler Secure Web Gateway

Zscaler is the market leading Cloud Security Web Gateway Platform

Zscaler Internet Access delivers the complete security stack as a service from the cloud. With no hardware or software to deploy, it is the ideal replacement for your on-premise proxy environment, giving extra security, better reporting & minimal administration. This solution is also easily deployed in all branch office locations directly to the internet in minutes by leveraging SD-WAN capabilities.   

Zscaler processes up to 40 billion requests and performs 120,000 security updates each day.   With 100 data centers globally, every user gets a fast, local connection no matter where they connect from.


Zscaler Internet Access is a Secure internet and Web Gateway delivered from the cloud. Offered as a service from the pioneer in cloud security, Zscaler Internet Access provides a full security stack with all the in-depth protection you’ll ever need.

Access Control

Full DPI and Access Controls across all ports and protocols. App and user aware.

Block or limit website access based on a user or group across destinations or URL categories

Enforce bandwidth policies and prioritize business critical applications over recreational traffic

Control and block DNS requests against known and malicious destinations

Threat Prevention

Deliver real-time protection from malicious web content like browser exploits, scripts, and zero-pixel iFrames, and identify botnets and malware callbacks.

Block or limit website access based on a user or group across destinations or URL categories

Antivirus, antispyware, and antimalware protection for all users, using signatures sourced from over 40 threat intelligence sources.

Identify and route suspicious command and control connections to Zscaler threat detection engines for full content inspection.

Data Protection

Use standard or custom dictionaries to easily scale Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to all users and traffic, including compressed or SSL-encrypted traffic

Provides Cloud Application Security Broker (CASB) functionality with a click of a button. Discover and control user access to known and unknown cloud applications.

Deliver true file type control by user, location and destination.  Control which file types are allowed into or out of your network.

Download the full zScaler Internet Access Solution Brief


With Citrix SD-WAN enabling traffic to break out locally from your branch zScaler is the perfect complement to ensure that all traffic internet bound is secured by the industry market leader, zScaler.


Edge7 Networks have the skills and experience to deploy zScaler for your organisation so you can reap the benefits. To organize a demo please contact us.