Benefits of SD-WAN

How SD-WAN can benefit your Business

SD-WAN is the future of Enterprise Networks

It is rapidly disrupting conventional WAN architecture due to the multiple benefits it delivers. Gartner predicts that 80% of enterprises will be using SD-WAN by 2020. SD-WAN offers cost savings of up to 50% while improving the security, availability, performance of your WAN connectivity and critical applications. What’s not to Love!

In addition, SD-WAN addresses the challenge that most organisations face in transforming traditional internally focused infrastructure into a cloud optimised configuration. This is achieved by utilising SD-WAN to deliver secure local branch breakout via it’s inbuilt firewall. Local branch complexity can also be reduced significantly as routers and switches are no longer needed. With SD-WAN, Users can seamlessly access cloud based applications direct from the branch without backhauling data through the data centre and still access the data centre for accessing legacy applications, securely and in the most efficient manner possible.

SD-WAN is a perfect solution for a number of enterprise Network issues:


MPLS and leased lines are expensive legacy technology. By using more efficient network connectivity delivered by SD-WAN, you can achieve significant cost savings.


For critical locations, enterprises will normally use multiple network links with the backup circuits only used when the primary becomes unavailable or suffers performance issues. With SD-WAN all your circuits are always on, meaning greater bandwidth to your users


With SD-WAN, every packet traversing your network is monitored and tracked so any disruption to a circuit is instantly detected and traffic is re-routed across another circuit meaning no disruption to user experience


All traffic across all circuits is encrypted with SD-WAN and packets move across different circuits simultaneously ensuring safe and secure transmission of data.


SD-WAN has the ability to analyse traffic based on Quality of Service rules ensuring your most critical traffic gets prioritised across your network and across your fastest routes. No more bottlenecks or delays.

Connection Blackspots

Most enterprises have branches with poor access or connectivity. SD-WAN can utilise multiple circuit types such as MPLS, Internet DSL or even 4G to provide a single secure link removing capacity and performance issues.


SD-WAN can be implemented either as an in-house supported solution or a managed service. Edge7 can provide and support both options for you.

In-House: Edge7 work closely with your Network and Infrastructure teams to supply, configure and implement your SD-WAN solution, optimise your network application traffic and deliver the benefits of SD-WAN. We can offer ongoing support and training to your teams. We are there for you on your SD-WAN journey.

Managed Service: Increasingly enterprises are moving away from owning and supporting infrastructure in favour of a consumption model. IT teams are moving up the value chain working closely with business to determine and deliver business goals. Edge7 Networks specialised in providing a fully Managed Service for the implementation and operation of your SD-WAN environment. Edge7 Networks can also provide a range of pricing options to suit a Capex or Opex model based on your preference. See our Managed service overview for more details

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