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What better way to learn about Zero Trust Security than to see it in action? Watch the breakdown of a recent Lapsus$ attack against a big tech organisation and how Citrix Secure Access could have prevented the risk of a successful attack at 5+ stages.

Ransom Demands Jumped 144% in 2021.

Threats are evolving for a multitude of reasons; an increase in cloud and SaaS applications, the shift to a hybrid workforce expanding the security perimeter, as well as attackers knowing and understanding how to get around traditional security infrastructure leaving gaps without organisations realising. That is where a Zero Trust approach comes in. 

Watch this 30 minute session now to better understand the current threat landscape and gain insights into:

  • Zero Trust Security through the lens of a recent real-world cyberattack by Lapsus$

  • How cybercriminals are getting through traditional security perimeters and how Zero Trust works 

  • Granular controls and features the Citrix Secure Access suite has to detect and protect against malware and inside threats 

  • Where to start when it comes to Zero Trust and how Citrix have the edge with SPA and SIA

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