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Is it time to say Goodbye to VDI?

View our webinar series on SSE vs VDI below:

Introductory Session with Edge7 Networks

Join Edge7 Networks as we pose the challenging question on so many minds - what is the future of VDI? This session will be a great introduction for those with existing VDI environments as we discuss the use cases & positives, as well as the challenges and limitations in an era powered by remote working where security is a top priority. 

The iboss Session

Chris Page showcases how the iboss Zero Trust Security Service Edge is the modern replacement for VDI, replacing the functionality delivered by legacy VDI with a global consolidated cloud security service that includes Browser Isolation. Chris looks at the features and functionality iboss has to offer including RBI, ZTNA, SWG, CASB + more. 

The HPE Aruba Networking Session

Axis Security, recently acquired by HPE, joins us for our final session to discuss when to replace, or complement, a VDI Environment with a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform. Showcasing the platform, Jugraj will talk through the top use cases for replacing or complementing VDI with SSE, and the Aruba Networks SSE platform. 

Ready to get started?

Request a live demo, discuss implementation options, ask technical questions or simply learn more about our solutions with our expert team.


Solution Brief

Replace VDI with Browser Isolation from iboss

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 14.39.58.png

Demo Environment

Experience the Aruba SSE Platform yourself with Aruba's Test Drive.

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