3 benefits of Citrix ADC with flexible licensing

Why it’s all about the power of pooled capacity

A flexible application delivery controller (ADC) is a must for streamlining your move to the cloud. See how Citrix ADC pooled capacity can help you drive greater agility, enhance utilisation, and deliver flexibility for a smooth cloud journey.

What is Citrix ADC pooled capacity? It’s a shared licensing framework designed to give you the ultimate flexibility to move capacity where it’s needed most. With licenses no longer tied to a specific physical or virtual ADC, Citrix ADC pooled capacity lets you check out licenses and bandwidth from a common pool. When an ADC no longer needs the resources, you can check them back into the pool, making them available to other ADCs.

Top 3 benefits of Citrix ADC pooled capacity

1. Flexibility Pooled capacity licensing gives you the flexibility to move capacity among the ADCs across your hybrid, multi-cloud environment, regardless of form factor. That means the ADCs in your datacenter share the same capacity pool as your ADCs in the cloud. Share capacity among:

  • Physical and virtual appliances

  • Private and public clouds

  • Geographies

  • Hardware platforms

2. Better economics When moving to the cloud, it’s hard to predict how much capacity you may need. You often end up with too much or too little to cover unpredictable demand. Flexible licensing lets you avoid over- and under provisioning by dynamically allocating capacity where it’s needed most.

If you have resources located in different parts of the world, for example, you can set a policy to provision and de-provision bandwidth based on time of day. This eliminates the need to purchase maximum-capacity ADCs for each location, leading to a better utilisation of resources and more predictable costs.

3. Simplicity All the benefits of flexible licensing would be lost without an easy way to manage it. Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) is your single pane of glass for managing Citrix ADC pooled capacity licenses. From there, you can view and automate across your entire hybrid, multi-cloud environment through a single, unified console rather than having to manage licenses manually on individual instances.

Plus, as you migrate more applications to the cloud, you can take your on-premises Citrix ADC configurations and licenses to the cloud for a simple, smooth transition.

Embrace the cloud with confidence Flexible licensing is the simplest, most cost-effective way to help you prepare for the future while ensuring reliable app delivery today.

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