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Elevate your Security with Citrix Secure Internet Access

Secure access to web and SaaS applications. Simplified.

One Cloud-Delivered Security Service to Protect All Web and SaaS Access

Your enterprise data is only as secure as your most vulnerable endpoint. As threats become more sophisticated, traditional security solutions fail to protect hybrid workers, often impacting application experience and increasing operational costs.

Citrix Secure Internet Access (CSIA) is a cloud-delivered security service. It replaces traditional, on-premises security appliances with a globally available, highly resilient, and scalable cloud, delivered through over 100 points of presence (PoP).

Secure your Hybrid Workforce

The expansive demand for remote work and the shift of applications to the cloud has made it an absolute must for enterprises to secure user Internet access. And since users and devices are the new network perimeter, securing Internet access must be done in the cloud.


Citrix Secure Internet Access (CSIA) shifts the focus from defending perimeters to following users to ensure Internet access is secure regardless of location.

With Citrix Secure Internet Access, you have full control of securing web and SaaS access for a hybrid workforce, with the bonus flexibility and automated scale of a cloud-delivered service. It makes securing a digital workplaces much easier.


Elevate your Security

With Secure Internet Access

Enterprise Level Control and Visibility

Citrix Secure Internet Access provides the granularity and visibility of an enterprise grade product, with the flexibility of a cloud service delivered and managed via Citrix Cloud.


Integrating into an existing environment, SIA replaces the need to have several products across a network infrastructure by securing all devices, managed or unmanaged, for all users regardless of location.


Citrix SIA is licensed on a per user basis with a three device allowance, meaning your users have choice and flexibility in how they work - without compromising security or user experience. 

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75% of IT experts state their IT security team is incapable of responding to security incidents within 1 day
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Networking and Security Experts

Edge7 Networks have delivered global Networking and Security deployments for organisations of all sizes. We focus on creating a solid, secure network foundation in order for your applications and data to sit within. 

Transitioning your environment to a cloud-delivered security platform is simple, and can be done with no downtime or disturbance to users - if you know how to do it. Edge7 Networks are one of the first worldwide Citrix partners to work with, deploy and manage CSIA. Our team are experts. 

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Solution Brief

Securing the Hybrid-Workforce with Comprehensive, Cloud-Delivered Security


Secure Access:

A unified and cloud-delivered zero-trust security solution

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